August 2019 - Novemeber 2019

AI Intern

  • Scraped and normalized data from the web into a structured database.

  • Trained a CNN model on 256 classes of Asian foods, that was then used as the base for a transfer-learning model on foods with limited sample images.

  • Achieved over 94% accuracy with the transfer-learned model on Thai foods.

Code Ninja

April 2017 - March 2019

Full-Stack Developer

  • Lead front-end development for all (2) projects.

  • Ported legacy monolithic-PHP project to Node (Nuxt front-end and Adonis back-end).

  • Refactored existing codebase by modularizing front-end code and styles to be bundled by Webpack.

  • Isolated back-end and front-end bottlenecks that ultimately reduced initial SPA loading time from 12 to 2 seconds.

  • Presented a number of brown bag sessions for both front-end and back-end team on various topics.

Linken Labs

January 2015 - March 2016

Full-Stack Developer

  • Developed three projects: Client-facing web-app, admin-facing web-app, backend API services.

  • Front-end designed entirely with Bootstrap and CSS.

  • Boosted site's SEO rankings to first page of Google.

  • Technologies: Angular1, MySql, C#, .Net, AWS.

Stony Brook University

January 2014 - December 2014

Web-Content Manager

  • Maintained and updated existing site-content with Drupal content management system.

  • Designed and produced graphic content using Adobe Photoshop to be used in both paper and electronic advertisements, banners, and pamphlets.

  • Technologies: Drupal, HTML, CSS

Stony Brook University

December 2014

Computer Science Student

  • Bachelors of Science

  • Majors in Computer Science & Business Administration (Finance)

  • Minor in Political Science